F(x) 4 Walls Music Video

Music video for 4 Walls, title track of f(x)’s fourth Korean studio album. It’s their first release without Sulli who officially left the group last August, for better or worse.

The song is so much better than Red Light, hope it’s a good restart for the girls. Besides standard music programs, they will also star in a web reality show, f(x)=1cm, to promote the new album.

Credit: SMTown @ YouTube

F(x) Milk x M Countdown

Krystal focus-video during Milk rehearsal on M Countdown music show in July 2014. It’s an official video from Mnet but they called it a fancam regardless.

Milk is the second track from the Red Light album. Let me remind again that it’s from a rehearsal so some of the dance moves may seem half-hearted, and they were probably lip-syncing too.

Also, despite being a Soojung fancam, all the f(x) members featured in the video at some point. That includes Sulli too who was still active with the group back then.

Credit: PlayMnet @ YouTube

Krystal Throws First Pitch at Baseball Game

[Throwback] Video and pictures of Krystal throwing a ceremonial first pitch for the Doosan Bears in June 2012. Jessica must be really proud and thankful of her litter sister for the sweet redemption ^^

Fx Krystal ceremonial first pitch

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SM The Ballad – Breath Japanese MV

Japanese music video for Breath by Changmin (TVXQ) and Krystal. The two are part of SM the Ballad, a project group featuring singers from SM Entertainment.

Breath is the title track of the group’s second mini album from February 2014. Krystal only recorded the Japanese version, the song also has Korean and Chinese versions by other artists.

All the three MV feature footage from Korean mini series Mimi, starring Changmin and actress Moon Ga-young. Not sure if the song is an OST for the drama or not though.

From the ending of this video apparently Changmin still uses the name Max (at least in Japan). I always thought he doesn’t use that anymore but seems like I’m wrong here.

Credit: SMTown @ Youtube

Jessica & Krystal Reality Show Teaser Collection

YouTube playlist of all the teaser videos (53 in total) for the Jessica & Krystal reality show. In other words it’s a summary of 10 episodes in one hour and 22 minutes, no sub though…

The program aired from June 3rd to August 2014, it intends to show the “normal” everyday life of the sisters. Filming locations include Seoul, Los Angeles, New York and also Tokyo.

Credit: OnStyle TV @ YouTube