Jung Sisters x Jimmy Choo in Los Angeles

[140424] Jessica and Krystal made a special visit to a Jimmy Choo store in Los Angeles last month. Jimmy Choo is a British high fashion brand specialises in shoes.

Jessica Krystal Jimmy Choo in Los Angeles

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Jessica Wishes Krystal Happy Birthday

Jessica wishing her little sister a happy 20th birthday on her Chinese microblogging site.


Below is her message besides the cute photo…

“Baby krys’s 20th bday!! Thank you mom she is the most precious and lovely girl on earth..


Credit: Syjessica @ Weibo

I’ll also take the chance to wish our dear Krystal a happy birthday. And it’s an extra special one because she’s officially an adult in South Korea.

Jung Sisters StoneHenge CF & Super HQ Photo

Krystal and sister Jessica in the latest commercial for StoneHenge, a Korean jewelry brand.

It’s a bit surprising SM Entertainment didn’t actively market them as a package because I think it’s an interesting talk point in Korean showbiz. There are other star siblings in South Korea but usually one is much more famous than the other. The Jung sisters are special in this case, both of them are popular.

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