F(x) 4 Walls Music Video

Music video for 4 Walls, title track of f(x)’s fourth Korean studio album. It’s their first release without Sulli who officially left the group last August, for better or worse.

The song is so much better than Red Light, hope it’s a good restart for the girls. Besides standard music programs, they will also star in a web reality show, f(x)=1cm, to promote the new album.

Credit: SMTown @ YouTube

F(x) Milk x M Countdown

Krystal focus-video during Milk rehearsal on M Countdown music show in July 2014. It’s an official video from Mnet but they called it a fancam regardless.

Milk is the second track from the Red Light album. Let me remind again that it’s from a rehearsal so some of the dance moves may seem half-hearted, and they were probably lip-syncing too.

Also, despite being a Soojung fancam, all the f(x) members featured in the video at some point. That includes Sulli too who was still active with the group back then.

Credit: PlayMnet @ YouTube

F(x) TERA Online Game Promotion Photos

Endorsement photos of f(x), minus Sulli, for Chinese version of TERA. It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Bluehole Studio, a South Korean company.

Fx members TERA Chinese online game

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F(x) The Ultimate Group Chinese Show

F(x) members, minus Sulli, recording Chinese variety show The Ultimate Group which will air on Jiangsu TV. Not really sure but looks like they filmed this in Korea instead of travelling to China. The show focuses on K-pop anyway so it’s probably more cost effective to make it in Korea.

Fx China The Ultimate Group TV show

Fx members The Ultimate Group TV show

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F(x) Hong Kong Dome Festival 2014 [HQ Photos]

[140701] F(x) performed at the Hong Kong Dome Festival early this month. Red Light was not out yet during the event, pleated skirts were the main theme for RPPP instead.

Girl group Fx Hong Kong Dome Festival 2014

Girl group Fx Hong Kong Dome Festival 2014

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