Kisum x Krystal Sanitary Napkin Commercial

Krystal and rapper Kisum in a commercial MV for a brand of sanitary towel early this year. The title of the song is literally Show Me Your #White Style. Its theme is to encourage women to be confident during their period, which is the common idea for most of these ads.

Not really sure about the brand name, it’s YK White or something. It’s probably part of the Kotex family though, which is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of feminine hygiene products. If not mistaken they are having a project on Instagram too along with the ad campaign.

Kisum was a contestant on rap competition TV shows Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar. She didn’t win anything but I guess she became popular regardless.

Not sure if this is a first but it’s not often to see an idol (and certainly not a rapper) to feature in an advertisement for sanitary pad. It’s a good change for this generation and age.

Credit: Ykkotexwhite @ YouTube