F(x) TERA Online Game Promotion Photos

Endorsement photos of f(x), minus Sulli, for Chinese version of TERA. It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Bluehole Studio, a South Korean company.

Fx members TERA Chinese online game

Fx Victoria TERA Chinese online game

Fx Amber TERA Chinese online game

Fx Luna TERA Chinese online game

Fx Krystal TERA Chinese online game

The promotion pics branded the game as the world’s number one Combat MMORPG. Not sure how they came to that conclusion; the game has fair amount of fans but not the top in every sense.

The game is new in China, which is a bit unusual. Korean game developers often introduce their product to China soon after it becomes successful in their home country. Meanwhile TERA is already quite popular in the west but just opened their Chinese server recently.

F(x) endorsed quite a number of video games since their debut. They were the endorsers for Freestyle 2 last year. There’s also GranAge and a few others before that.

Credits: TERA / Kunlun