Rain & Krystal Lovely Girl First Kiss

Krystal and Rain sharing their first kiss in the eighth episode of My Lovely Girl TV drama series.

Fx Krystal and Rain kiss in My Lovely Girl

My Lovely Girl Press Conference HQ Fanpics

[140915] HD fantaken photos from the press conference for My Lovely Girl (official pix here), a Korean drama series starring Krystal and pop star Rain which is currently showing on SBS. This is Soo-jung’s first leading role in a TV drama series and film. Hope the drama hits daebak!

Fx Krystal My Lovely Girl HD fantaken photos

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F(x) The Ultimate Group Chinese Show

F(x) members, minus Sulli, on Chinese Jiangsu TV’s The Ultimate Group variety show. The group is relatively active in China compared to other SME artists, probably thanks to Victoria’s connection.

Fx China The Ultimate Group TV show

Fx members The Ultimate Group TV show

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Jessica & Krystal Reality Show Teaser Collection

YouTube playlist of all the teaser videos (53 in total) for the Jessica & Krystal reality show which aired on OnStyle TV. In other words it’s 10 episodes summarized in 1 hour and 22 minutes (no sub though)…

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2013 [HQ Photos]

[131229] Krystal performed at SBS Gayo Daejeon with her group mates at Korea University last December. Gayo Daejeon is the TV station’s annual year-end music show.

Fx Krystal SBS Gayo Daejeon 2013

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