4Walls M!Countdown 2015

[Throwback] Krystal and f(x) on Mnet’s M!Countdown during the girls’ 4 Walls promotion in October 2015. Come to think of it the group hasn’t performed on weekly TV music shows since that era.

Fx Krystal 4 Walls Mnet Mcountdown

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The Bride of Habaek Press Meeting [HQ Photos]

[170627] HD news pictures from the Tuesday press event for The Bride of Habaek in Gangnam, Seoul. The TV drama series will air on cable channel tvN starting July 3, 2017. Krystal is starring in a supporting role as a goddess who becomes an actress in the human world.

Krystal The Bride of Habaek press meeting news

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Bride of the Water God 2017 Script Reading

Krystal and her co-stars – including Shin Se-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lim Ju-hwan and Gong Myung etc. – at the first script reading for TV drama series Bride of the Water God 2017 in May. The show, which is based on a Korean comic, will air on cable channel tvN starting July 2017.

Krystal Bride of the Water God 2017 Script Reading

Krystal Bride of the Water God 2017 Script Reading

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Legend Of The Blue Sea Krystal Cameo Cut

English subbed video-cut from the first episode of Korean TV drama series The Legend of the Blue Sea which aired in November 2016, in which Krystal played a cameo role as a flight attendant who went on a (failed) date with actor Lee Min-ho who is the male lead in the show.

The duo previously starred together in The Heirs in 2014. Both shows were broadcast by SBS.

Cr: Twinklebee13

Chinese Drama Graduation Season [HQ Photos]

HD teaser pictures for upcoming Chinese TV series Graduation Season, starring Krystal as the main female lead. The drama tells the story of a typical rich-kid-poor-kid love triangle, with a slight twist about young university graduates overcoming various hardship these days. Released date TBD.

Krystal Chinese drama Graduation Season

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My Lovely Girl Press Conference HQ Fanpics

[140915] HD fantaken photos from the press conference for My Lovely Girl (official pix here), a Korean drama series starring Krystal and pop star Rain which is currently showing on SBS. This is Soo-jung’s first leading role in a TV drama series and film. Hope the drama hits daebak!

Fx Krystal My Lovely Girl HD fantaken photos

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