Jessica Wishes Krystal Happy Birthday

Jessica wishing her little sister a happy 20th birthday on her Weibo (microblogging site).


Quote… “Baby krys’s 20th bday!! Thank you mom she is the most precious and lovely girl on earth.. 잘태어났다수정아ㅋㅋㅋ”

Do not Crunch Sweets : Candy & Chocolate

Preview video for Do not Crunch Sweets: Candy & Chocolate, the first photobook + DVD package by fansite Soojung-a. This teaser is an amazing product itself.

[Update] The sale is over, too bad the audio was turned off by YouTube as well.

Krystal Instagram Pictures Collection

Photo collection from Krystal’s short-lived Instagram account, which was closed a few days ago after lasting just a month and a half. No official reason, probably has something to do with antis though.

[Update] Krystal has rejoined Instagram in 2015, check it out, be nice =)

Fx Krystal Instagram photo

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