Krystal Jung Greets Singapore Fans

A short video of Krystal sending her message to Singapore fans via CLEO Magazine. She’s in the island nation in April to attend an the Star Awards and a fan meeting event.

Cr: CLEO Singapore

AllaboutJSJ 2017 Lunar New Year [HQ Photos]

Special compilation by fansite All About Jungsoojung for the Year of Roaster, with some great airport/event pictures of Krystal from the past. Happy Lunar New Year!

All About Jungsoojung 2017

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F(x) and Red Velvet at SMT Tokyo

Photo of f(x) – minus Victoria – and Red Velvet enjoying a meal at SMT Tokyo. The two groups don’t have many photos together despite working under the same label.

Fx Red Velvet SMT Tokyo

SM Entertainment have opened a number of eateries in South Korea, Japan and USA in the past few years. This Korean restaurant in the Japanese capital city is another of their latest venture.

Cr: SMTOWN JP Vyrl App

BTW, SM shared the picture on Christmas Eve, the official opening date of SMT Tokyo. However the girls were not in Japan that day, so they probably took this during a pre-launch event.

Krystal Jill Stuart Store Visit

[141114] Krystal visiting a Jill by Jill Stuart outlet at Hyundai Trade Center Store. The f(x) member recently featured in High Cut Magazine for the fashion brand.

Fx Krystal Jill Stuart Hyundai store visit

Fx Krystal Jill Stuart Hyundai store visit

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Happy 21st Birthday Soojung [HQ Photos]

Happy birthday Krystal! Stay healthy! Amazing photos compilation by Korean fansite AllaboutJSJ.

Krystal Jung Soo Jung 2014 birthday

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